Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc 1990


The production of white wine at Beaucastel is limited as we only have 7 hectares planted in white vines. The main variety is Roussanne, which represents 80% of the blend.
The vintage
An exceptional vintage.
A hot summer with cool nights until the end of the harvest.
Château de Beaucastel has 7 hectares of white varieties.
Molasse seabed of the Miocene period covered by diluvial alpine deposits (rolled pebbles).
Handpicked in small cases, sorting of the grapes, pneumatic pressing, settling of the juice, fermentation (30% in oak barrels, 70% in tanks) for 8 months. Bottling after 8 months.
Roussanne : 80%
Grenache blanc : 15%
Picardan, Clairette, Bourboulenc : 5%


10°C in INAO glasses
The colour is still dark yellow with gold undertones.
The nose has exotic fruits such as mango and passion fruit.
The mouth is still oxidised and gives the impression of licking hay.

This vintage is starting to get out of its oxidative phase but should still be kept.


"The 1990 blanc exhibits a great deal of strength and muscle in a full-bodied, well-balanced, ripe, heady, nicely textured style. The wine is less concentrated than the 1989, but it is still an impressive mouthful of wine. As I have stated in the past, if you are going to buy this wine, drink it within 2-3 years of the vintage, or be prepared to cellar it for 10 years. It tends to be best several years after bottling, at which time it closes up, not to emerge for 7-8 years. Last tasted 11/94."