Studio Rosé by Miraval 2022


The vintage
The mild and little rainy winter, followed by a mild and dry spring, without any frost, allowed to maintain a perfect sanitary state of the vines throughout the vegetative cycle, avoiding fungal diseases. The summer that followed was exceptional, particularly hot and dry, without a drop of water. Thanks to our good mastery of the vegetation cover, we protected our vines from the heat and avoided water competition. Harvest started early, on September 5th in superb weather conditions. The grapes, of exceptional quality, were harvested very early in the morning in order to preserve all their freshness and purity, the two timeless markers of Miraval’s signature. The beauty of the grapes kept its promise in the cellar, giving straightforward wines with great minerality, with an excellent acidity/alcohol balance, superb colour and remarkable aromatic intensity, blending magnificent notes of red fruit and citrus.
Studio by Miraval is strongly influenced by the sea sprays and the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea. These salty soils give the wine a unique character and an almost iodized finish.
All the varieties are vinified by direct pressing. The Cinsault and Tibouren in Stainless steel vats. The Grenache & Rolle are partially vinified in tulip-shaped concrete vats with a rounded bottom. This ovoid shape gives rise to a natural convection movement that suspends the lees creating the same effect as a batonnage and gives the wine a lot of structure.


Seductive translucent and shiny pale-pink colour with soft reflections. The nose offers a superb aromatic bouquet dominated by citrus fruit such as grapefruit and blood orange and highlighted by delicate floral notes of rose and peony. On the palate, the wine is distinguished by magnificent citrus aromas perfectly balanced by a nice mineral structure. Notes of grapefruit zest bring a hint of bitterness offering an irresistible iodized and lemony character. The finish extends these tasty aromas, all in length and elegance.