Famille Perrin Tavel - 2021

Located on the right bank of the Rhône river in the department of the Gard, Tavel is classed as the Grand Cru of rosé wines.


Located on the south bank of the Rhône river, in the department of the Gard, Tavel is the Grand Cru for rosé wines. It's a “gastronomic” rosé that can accompany varied dishes as it pairs nicely with meat and fish.
The vintage
2021 is a vintage marked by freshness, which is similar to the vintages we had in the eighties and nineties. It is also what we call a "winegrower vintage", human intervention and the care given to the vines were decisive for the quality of the vintage. Marked by climatic vagaries, with an episode of frost in April and interrupted harvest because of rain, this year has indeed required constant investment from our teams in the vineyard. Their attention and their commitment have borne their fruit: this vintage is very promising with lots of freshness and great balance.
Right bank of the Rhône river.
Deposit of crumbly rocks and rolled pebbles. Clay and limestone soils similar to those of Châteauneuf-du-Pape.
This wine is made by bleeding. Unlike direct pressing, the whole berries are placed in the tank and are crushed under their own weight, thus extracting the colour compounds that are in the skins. After 12 hours of maceration, the juice is extracted and fermentation begins after settling. Fermentation lasts about 20 days and the temperature is maintained at 18 ° C. After racking the wines are kept in stainless steel tanks and bottled in February after being filtered.


8 to 10°C with an elaborate meal such a meaty fish and a tomato based dish.
Seductive current-pink colour, typical of Tavel. On the nose, this wine confirms its gourmet character by revealing a wonderful bouquet combining aromas of red fruit such as redcurrant, white flowers and hawthorn. Well-balanced, the palate is also full of indulgence with a fleshy texture and well-marked notes of redcurrant, enhanced by sweet spices.