La Vieille Ferme Réserve Rosé Sparkling


La Vieille Ferme Réserve Rosé Sparkling is designed to share your celebration in elegance and simplicity. Whether served as an aperitif with friends or at a lavish banquet, this wine will help you enjoy the memorable moment and bringing conviviality.
Made from vines planted on limestone soils which allows the roots to draw the necessary freshness and water they need to provide good acidity to the wine. The main varieties are Grenache and Cinsault, vinified by direct pressing and Pinot Noir.
Once blended, the wines are rested in stainless steel tanks. The neutrality of the stainless steel allows to preserve the fruit aromas and the freshness provided by the limestone soils. The elaboration finishes with the "prise de mousse" and of course, bottling.
Grenache noir : 40%
Cinsault : 40%
Pinot Noir : 20%


Between 5°C and 7°C with fresh sweet or savoury appetizers. Versatile, it can be paired with smoked fish appetizers just as well as fruit based deserts, La Vieille Ferme Réserve Rosé Sparkling is to be served during any and all celebrations.
Delicate peach core with seductive raspberry hints and fine exquisite bubbles. A first nose of fresh red fruit (raspberry, wild strawberry), giving way to a perfect balance between freshness, acidity and roundness. The notes of citrus (pomelo) and white flowers will allow you to serve this wine for all occasions.


"Friendly strawberry and cherry flavors form the core in this breezy sparkler, with just enough zing for balance. Grenache, Cinsault and Pinot Noir. Drink now."
"La Vieille Ferme Réserve Rosé Brut from the Rhone Valley of France is designed to share your celebration in elegance and simplicity."
"The Rosé is light pink in color. It is medium bodied and balanced; a fruity, crisp sparkler with a medium long finish, tasting of plum, cherry, lemon peel, and strawberry. From Grenache, Cinsault, Pinot Noir.""