Miraval, Studio by Miraval, IGP Méditerranée, Blanc, 2020


The vintage
The dry and mild winter led to an early budding of the vines, followed by a wet and
cold spring with two episodes of frost, causing some slight damage to the young
shoots and a rather long re-growth of the vegetation. Flowering then went perfectly
well and the hot and dry summer made it possible to preserve the perfect sanitary
condition of the vines, while regular tillage kept the vineyard cool. The harvest time
thus arrived serenely, in superb conditions. It should be noted that these were
rather early this year, starting on September 9, and took place over a fairly short
period of 10 days, the maturity of the grapes being uniform across all plots. Harvesting very early in the morning was favored in order to limit the oxidation of
the juices and to preserve all their freshness and purity. In the cellar, the very high
quality of the grapes harvested made it possible to carry out vinifications with very
little intervention, with very low doses of SO2; the alcoholic fermentations were
frank and clear. The wines promise to be magnificent, very pure and straightforward, with good acidity, great minerality, tension and delicious aromatic notes of citrus.
Partly from the plots surrounding the famous recording Studio and partly from a magnificent vineyard located at the foot of the Cézanne’s mountain, Studio by Miraval white is a tribute to Rolle which is The main local white grape variety.
The Rolle is vinified in tulip-shaped concrete vats with a rounded bottom. This ovoid shape creates a natural convection movement that suspends the lees creating the same effect as a batonnage. This results in a wines that keep their fruitiness and acidity but also gives texture and body.


Tasting notes
Very pale-yellow colour with subtle green reflections. Studio blanc 2020 shows a superb iodized nose, with notes of grapefruit. Lots of freshness and elegance, the palate reveals notes of white flowers and lemons full of vivacity, good length and a particularly seductive saline finish.